A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Part the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam

Game Description:

A top-down shooter based around bullet bouncing and healing doors. Enemies spawn in each room and will hut the player down and shot at them. Door prevent the enemies from spawning, but opening a door is the only way for the player to heal. After a certain amount of time, the bosses will begin to spawn and they can only be hurt by getting the enemies to hit them. Game is made to be run on Windows Operating System.


Thank You to Kevin MacLeod for providing the music. Please check out his work and support him on his website.

This project was made possible by the Unity Personal Edition engine, Monodevlopcoding environment, the GIMP Image Editor. 

Help was also revived from Unity's many forums and question boards as well as the GMTGJ Discord Channel (Thank you guys).

  • Music - Kevin MacLeod
  • Tank Model Assets and Firing Framework - Unity Technologies (Tanks! Tutorial)

Install instructions

Extract the Zip and click though all the warning messages (I have no idea how to stop them).


Zytion's Caffine Induced Fever Dream.zip 21 MB

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