A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created for BrickHack V

Control the ducks by pressing space to kick forward. Use A and D to rotate.

Our first year experimentation with Low-level API in unity (also called the Transport Layer API). We created a game in which you can run multiple clients that all communicate with each other though a central server. You can connect with all your friends over your local IP and play together (Here is how to find your local IP).  You can also open port 7777 on your router and host it over wifi. This is our first time working with unity's LLAPI.


Zytion (Bobby) Levin

Skyler Zartman (https://skyler-zartman.itch.io)

Caden Messenger (https://cadenmessenger.itch.io)

Find our game on the Global Game Jam site here: 


Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file.

Inside are both a server and a client exe file. Run one server.exe and at least two client.exe. Both clients will then communicate with each other. Recommended to run clients in small resolution in windowed mode.


Server Ducks - Build.zip 35 MB

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